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Rebbe Eliyahu Yosef Rabinowitz

אליהו יוסף ב"ר גדליה אהרן

Linitz Slavita Rebbe of Buffalo

Date of Death: Tue. November 15, 1910 - Chrshvan 13 5671

Rabinovitz Buff

Photo Caption: A picture of the Rebbe from the Yiddesh newspaper Die Wahrheit, 7/22/11.  (credit: Moreshes Chachmie America)

The Rebbe came to the United States in 1899 from Russia and settled on the Lower East Side. In 1910 he moved to Buffalo and headed the Jefferson Street Shule. In addition to his own great genealogy the Rebbe was the brother-in-law and chavrusa (study partner) of the renowned Rebbe Mordechai Dov of Hornisteiple.
The Rebbe appears to be the first Admor to be buried in the United States.

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