Kevarim of Tzadikim in North America

Send a Kvitel Service will begin offering to send a Kvitel to some of the Kevarim listed on our site. We are in no way saying that certain Kevarim are or are not more chushuv then others. The Kevarim that are listed are either more convenient or are more frequented by some of our chaverim. If you visit any Kevarim regularly and would be willing to be mezakeh the oilam by taking Kvitlech, please contact us. To send a Kvitel please use the following form.

Note: When writing a kvital it is the accepted practice to specify your full Hebrew (if available) name and your Mother’s full Hebrew (if available) Name.

Example: Yaakov ben Rivkah(יעקב בן רבקה) or Dinah bas Leah (דינה בת לאה).

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