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In recent years we have seen an upsurge of interest in visiting kevarim of tzadikim in Eastern Europe and Eretz Yisroel. At any given time of the year, one can find both private and group tours traveling throughout Eastern Europe. Regrettably, most people do not realize that, right here in the United States and Canada, one can find the final resting places of many Admorim and Rabbanim, who lived both before and after the Holocaust and who made major contributions to Yiddishkeitas we know it today.

Scores of books have been published identifying kivrei tzadikim in Eretz Yisrael and Eastern Europe. Yet, to date, there is not one single source identifying kivrei Admorim and Rabbanim in the United States. In addition, to this kivrei tzadikim directory, we have undertaken to compile a listing which will include a short biography, picture, and directions to the tzion of each Rebbe or Rav.

The goal of this project is twofold: to preserve the memory of departed Gedolei Yisrael, and to provide a place to turn to in time of need to those who may not have the opportunity to travel.

Kevarim of Tzadikim in North America is a project of the Institute For Judaic Culture and History. The Institute is grateful to Michael Elias of Kew Gardens Hills for designing and maintaining this website. We would also like to thank Tzvi (Tommy) Karoly of Toronto for his Quality Control leadership and “Reb Dov” Elias for his insight. For directions to Kivrei Tzadikim or to arrange a group tour please email us.

Baruch Amsel
Kindly keep in mind when reviewing the different poostings on the website that if you are able to add any information, please email it to us (click here). Any type of information is appreciated be it biographical or just a story. In addition, pictures and newspaper clippings are also welcome.
Tizku lMitzvos.

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