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Rabbi Chaim Nosson Shochet

חיים נתן ב"ר משה

Rav, Congregation Etz Chaim, Portland, Maine

Date of Death: Sun. June 12, 1921 - Sivan 7 5682

Credit: Laurel Singer

Credit: Institute For Judaic Culture and History IFJCAH

Bio Information: 
Rav Chaim Nosson Shochet, born in 1855 was originally from Vieksniai, Lituania.  According to research he was the Rav or Av Bet Din of Abely (Obiliai, Lithuania).  He immigrated to the US in 1907, and settled in Portland, Maine where he served as rabbi of Shaarey Tphiloh until 1916.  In 1917 he led a break-away group to found Congregation Adas Israel, later known as Congregation Etz Chaim. Upon his passing, his son Rav Moses became rabbi at Etz Chaim.
Rav Moshe led Etz Chaim until around 1932 at which time he relocated to Quincy, Massachusetts. He eventually emigrated to Israel (Palestine) in 1939  and settled in Jerusalem where he lived until his passing in 1946. He was buried at Agudath Achim Anshei America Cemetery, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem.
Another son, Rabbi Dovid Menachem was the Rabbi at Agudas Achim, Yonkers, New York and a professor at Columbia University

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Rabbi Gedaliah Kaprow

גדליהו ב"ר אברהם הלוי

Rav, Buffalo, New York

Date of Death: Thu. April 12, 1951 - Nissan 6 5711

Source: Needed, Credit: MCA

Photo Caption: Hombolt Orthodox Center, located at 455 Glenwood Ave in Buffalo, New York as it stands today (2020), Credit: Google 

Bio Information:
The Rav’s father Rav Avroham Kaprow:


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Rabbi Avroham Kaprow

אברהם ב"ר דוב הלוי

Rav, Congregation Beth Abroham Anshie Sefard, Bangor, Maine

Date of Death: Sat. August 16, 1947 - Av 30 5707

Kaprow Abraham Bangor Letter
Photo Caption: Letter on stationary of Rabbi Avroham Kaprow, Credit: Needed

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