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Rabbi Simcha Levy

שמחה ב"ר גרשון יצחק הלוי

Rav, Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Date of Death: Thu. May 2, 1968 - Iyaar 4 5728

Levy Simcha Montreal Pic
Source: Rabbinical Alumni Chavrusa, June, 1961
Levy Simcha Montreal Bio
Source: Rabbinical Alumni Chavrusa, June, 1961

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Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Cohen

צבי ב"ר חיים הכהן

President, Montreal Council of Orthodox Rabbis

Date of Death: Fri. November 17, 1950 - Kislev 8 5711

Cohen Tzvi Hirsh Montreal Pic
Photo Caption: Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Cohen. Credit: Needed
Cohen Tzvi Hirsh Montreal Pic 2
Photo Caption: Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Cohen at a meeting with other rabbonim in Montreal. Credit: Needed

Photo Caption: (L-R): Journalist Mordecai Ginzburg, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Cohen, Reuben Brainin, c.1938, Source: Jewish Public Library

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Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Colton

יעקב אריה ב"ר יצחק דוד

Rav, Montreal, Canada

Date of Death: Mon. January 30, 1950 - Shevat 12 5710

Colton Yaakov Aryeh
Photo Caption:  Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Colton, Credit: Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee National Archives

Bio Information:
Rabbi Yaakob Aryeh Colton was the primary mohel (ritual circumciser) for Montreal and the surrounding area c. 1918 – 1945

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Rabbi Simcha Garber

שמחה ב"ר מרדכי

Rav, Congregations Chevra Tehilim, Montreal, Canada

Date of Death: Sat. October 11, 1924 - Tishrei 13 5618

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Rabbi Dovid Wichefsky

דוד ב"ר זאב דוב

Chief Rabbi, Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Date of Death: Fri. February 24, 1922 - Shevat 10 5682

Wichefsky 3
Photo Caption: Hascal and Annie Moses née Wichefsky  with daughter Rita and Rabbi David Wichefsky in the Moses family’s backyard, c. 1910, Credit: Ontario Jewish Archives
wichefsky new
Photo Caption: Rabbi David Wichefsky, Credit: Lloyd Donald Friedman

Bio Information:
The Rav, born in Dubrovna, Belarus a small town along the Dnieper River in 1857, studied in the famed Volozhiner Yeshiva. In 1892, after moving to the United States he settled in New Bern, North Carolina where he rabbinated for two years. He then relocated to Greater Sudbury in Canada. It was under the guise that he was going to a growing Jewish community that he made the move. Upon his arrival it was apparent that the community size was greatly embellished. Nevertheless he stayed. After retiring he to be with his children.

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Rebbe Yehuda Yudel Rosenberg

יהודה יודל ב"ר ישראל יצחק

Tarler Rebbe

Date of Death: Wed. October 23, 1935 - Tisrei 26 5696

Rebbe Rosenberg also known as the Skaraschev Illu translated the Zohar into Hebrew.

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