Kevarim of Tzadikim in North America

Meyer London Matzos Bakery

Lower East Side, New York City

Date of Death: Sat. June 22, 2019 -

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United States



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Photo Caption: Letterhead of Meyer London, proprietor of Meyer London Matzos Bakery, Credit: IFJCAH

Photo Caption: The full letter, Credit: Institute For Judaic Culture and History

Photo Caption: Advertisement promoting Meyer London Matzos Bakery, Credit: MCA

Photo Caption: Crude drawing of the Matzoh Machine at the Cohen’s Matzoh Bakery on Pike Street, Credit: MCA

Credit: MCA

Source: NYT


Bio Information:
Meyer London Matzos Bakery founded in 1871 is among the first matzo bakeries on these shores.

Of Note:
The politician Meyer London (1871-1926), one of only two socialist politicians ever elected to Congress was Meyer London’s nephew.



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