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Rabbi Dov Aryeh Raphaelson

דוב אריה ב"ר חיים יהודה

Rav, Newport, Kentucky

Date of Death: Tue. April 20, 1920 - Iyyar 2 5680

Originated from Kovlo, Russia, Rav Raphaelson immigrated to the United State in 1890 and served in the following cities… Memphis, Tennessee – 1893, Toledo, Ohio – 1896-1900, Cincinnati, Ohio – 1902-1903, Denver, Colorado – 1905, Columbus, Ohio – 1908-1910, Detroit, Michigan 1915, and Newport, Kentucky 1920.

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Rabbi Avroham Betzalel Epstein

אברהם בצלאל ב"ר צבי יעקב

Chief Rabbi, Republic of Estonia

Date of Death: Thu. September 1, 1938 - Elul 5 5698

Epstein Betzalel Ohio Pic
Photo Caption: Rav Avroham Betzalel Epstein, Credit: Ryan Shell

Credit: Institute For Judaic Culture and History (IFJCAH)
Goodman Avroham BIL Epstein Betzalel
Photo Caption: The Rav’s brther-in-law, Rev Avroham Chaim Goodman d. 1931. He was married to the Rav’s sister Chaya Mushe and served as a shochet in Butler, PA. Credit: Ryan Shell

Bio Information:
Once in Cincinnati (1929), Rav Epstein  served at Congregation Bnai Yaakov which then merged with Agudas Israel (Golf Manor) in 1933. The Rav ran a Kashrus agencies which operated independently from Rav Eliezer Silver’s Va’ad Hoier.

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Rabbi Schachne Isaacs

שכנא ב"ר יצחק

Rav, Reb Schachne's Shul

Date of Death: Sun. April 3, 1887 - Nissan 9 5647

Isaacs Schachne 1
Photo Caption:Rabbi Schachne Isaacs Credit: Moreshes Chachmei America’s Archives
Isaacs Schachne 2
Photo Caption: Rabbi Schachne Isaacs, Credit: Moreshes Chachmei America’s Archives
Bio Information: 
Rav Isaacs founded Congregation Bet Tefillah in 1866, a synagogue which was commonly known as Reb Shachne’s Shul.

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