Kevarim of Tzadikim in North America

Rabbi Avroham Nachman Shwartz

אברהם נחמן ב"ר חיים

Rosh Av Bais Din of Baltimore, MD

Date of Death: Thu. February 4, 1937 - Shevat 23 5697

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Cemetery: ,

Cemetery Details
6300 Hamilton Avenue
Rosedale, MD 21237
United States

Phone: (410) 486-8666
Contact: Steven Venick


Cemetery Map:

Notes: On site caretaker: Paul Karp T: (410) 866-2966 Gate hours are Mon - Fri from 8:00 - 4:00PM There are a number of small cemeteries located at this address among them are: Agudas Achum Anshe Sfard Cemetery Agudath Israel Cemetery Ahavas Shalom Cemetery Anshe Neisen Cemetery Beth Hamedrosh Hagadol Cemetery Chofetz Chaim Cemetery Chevra Ahavas Chesed Cemetery Forband Cemetery Lubawitz Nusach Ari – Ner Tamid Cemetery Mogen Abraham Cemetery Radomer Verein Cemetery Shaarei Zion Rosedale Cemetery Shomrei Adath Cemetery

Directions to Kever: Rosedale Cemeteries is located in Rosedale, Maryland. Rosedale is located about 5 minutes northeast of Baltimore, Location: Shomrei Mishmeres Cemetery. The Rav was later moved to Har Hamenuchos in Jerusalem, location needed.

Name Listed on Cemetery Database: Moved To Har Hamenuchos

Biographical Notes:

Shwartz AN Baltimore
Photo Caption: Rabbi Avroham Nachman Shwartz, Credit: Jewish Museum of Maryland 

Credit: S. Schecter, Baltimore, MD

Credit: S. Schecter, Baltimore, MD

Credit: S. Schecter, Baltimore, MD

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