Kevarim of Tzadikim in North America

Rabbi Chaim Heller

讞讬讬诐 讘"专 讬砖专讗诇 驻讬谞住拽注专

Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbeinu Yitzchok Elchonon (RIETS)

Date of Death: Mon. April 11, 1960 - Nissan 14 5720
Erev Pesach

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Cemetery Details
81-14 Cypress Avenue
Ridgewood, NY 11385
United States

Phone: 718-821-1060
Fax: 718-381-1551
Contact: Todd Ivler


Cemetery Map:


Directions to Kever: Mount Judah Cemetery in Queens maintains computerized records and will provide a detailed location map upon request. Location: Society: TIF ISR OF N Y, Section: 1, Block: T, Gate: 5, along side Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky

Name Listed on Cemetery Database: HELLER, CHAIM

Biographical Notes:

Heller Chaim pic
Photo caption: Rav Chaim Heller, Credit: RIETS

Photo Caption: With Rav Soloveitchik outside Bernard Revel Graduate School, Credit: Needed

Photo Caption: Rav Chaim Heller’s passport picture, Credit: MCA
Heller Chaim pic Numbers
Photo Caption: 1. Rav Dovid Lifschitz, Suwalker Rav, 2. Rav Moshe Shatzkes, Lomza Rav, 3. Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik, R”Y RIETS, 4. Rav Chaim Heller, R”Y RIETS, 5. Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Belkin, President Yeshiva University
Heller Chaim Yeshiva Ad
Photo Credit: Rabbi Scranton Miller, c. 1922

Credit: Yeshiva University

Credit: Shmuel Amsel, Brooklyn, NY

Credit: Shmuel Amsel, Brooklyn, NY

Credit: Map to the kever of Rav Chaim Heller

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