Kevarim of Tzadikim in North America

Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Feinberg

שמואל דוד ב"ר צבי

Rav, Khal Adas Neshveis, Lower East Side

Date of Death: Tue. December 22, 1914 - Teves 14 5674

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Cemetery Details
59-63 54th Avenue
Maspeth, NY 11378
United States

Phone: 718-335-2500


Cemetery Map:

Notes: The cemetery is quite large and can be difficult to navigate, a detailed map from the office can be extremely helpful. Check cemetery website for office and gate hours. A $20 deposit is required for a Mausoleum key.

Directions to Kever: Mount Zion Cemetery in Queens maintains computerized records and will provide a detailed location map upon request. Location: Society: NESHVEIS, Path: 26R, Map: 139

Name Listed on Cemetery Database: FEINBERG, SAMUEL

Biographical Notes:

Bio Information:
While the town of Nesvizh is currently located in Belarus at one point it was part of Poland.  Once considered a great center of Torah Jewry, among its many rabbonim was Rav Yitzchok Elchanon Spector (d. 1896).

Source: Gottlieb

Morgen Journal, December 23, 1914

Photo Caption: Rav Yitzchok Elchanon Spector, Kovno Rav, Credit: N/N

Photo Credit: Moreshes Chachmei America’s Archives

Photo Caption: Message placed in the Morgan Journal by Rav Yaakov Eskolsky of the Degel HaRabonim mourning the passing of Rav Feinberg, Credit: Moreshes Chachmei America’s Archives

Credit: Moreshes Chachmei America’s Archives

Credit: Moreshes Chachmei America’s Archives

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