Kevarim of Tzadikim in North America

Rabbi Yaakov Steinberg

יעקב ב"ר דוד

Rav, Chevra Mishnayes Synagogue, Winnipeg, Canada

Date of Death: Fri. March 4, 1966 - Adar 12 5726

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Cemetery Details
S King St & Potomac Ave
Bakersfield, CA 93307
United States

Phone: (650) 755-4700
Contact: Sandi Carter


Cemetery Map:

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Directions to Kever: Home of Peace Jewish Cemetery is located, in Bakersfield, California, and can only be accessed via the Union Cemetery. Contact information for the Union Cemetery: Address:730 E. Potomac Avenue, E:, T (661) 324-9648, location: Needed

Biographical Notes:

Credit: Jeff Zelinka

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