Kevarim of Tzadikim in North America

Rabbi Yaakov Feuerlicht

Superintendent, Jewish Home for the Aged, Chicago

Date of Death: Wed. March 24, 1920 - Nissan 7 5683

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Cemetery Details
23 Jeshurun Street
Boston , MA 02132
United States

Phone: 617-244-6509
Contact: Ariella Brody


Cemetery Map:

Notes: The cemetery is made up of a number of individual cemeteries many of with are managed by JCAM, Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts, and is located near the Adath Jeshurun Cemetery Associates in the West Roxbury section of Boston. Among the different section are, Moses Mendelsohn Cemetery. Har Moriah Cemetery, and Sons of Benjamin Cemetery. For more information try calling: (617) 325-1984.

Directions to Kever: The Grove Street / Jeshurun Street Cemetery (not the official name) in the West Roxbury section of Boston is made up of many smaller cemeteries and societies, each with their own gates and markers. The cemetery is managed by JCAM, Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts. Location: Cemetery: Moses Mendelsohn Cemetery.

Biographical Notes:

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Source: הפסגה, February 27, 1891

Credit: Fred Young

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