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Rebbe Yissachar Berish Rubin

ישכר בעריש ב"ר חיים יחיאל

Dombrova Berlin Rebbe of Washington Heights

Date of Death: Tue. August 19, 1952 - Av 28 5712

Photo Caption: Dombrova Berlin Rebbe of Washington Heights, Credit: MCA

Credit: MCA

Bio Information: 

The Rebbe eventually opened a Shtibel in Washington Heights.
In the aftermath World War I, many Jews from Eastern Europe found themselves in Berlin, among them was Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the future Lubavitcher Rebbe and his wife Chaya Mushka (Moussia).  The Dombrova Berlin Rebbe was a source of warmth and inspiration for many of these Jews.  The Lubavitcher Rebbe upon meeting the Rebbe’s son Naftali some fifty years later commented: “You cannot imagine what a man your father was”.

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Rebbe Yisroel Unger

ישראל ב"ר שלום דוד

Zabno Rebbe

Date of Death: Sat. November 14, 1936 - Cheshvan 29 5697

Photo Caption: The Rebbe’s father, Rebbe Shalom Dovid HY”D, Credit: MCA

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Rebbe Yaakov Yitzchok Unger

יעקב יצחק ב"ר בן ציון

Bais Yosef Dombrova Rebbe

Date of Death: Sun. September 8, 2002 - Tishrei 2 5763
Rosh Hashana

Photo Caption: Rebbe Yaakov Yitzchok Unger, Credit: JDN

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