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Rabbi Yaakov Raphael Cohen

יעקב רפאל ב"ר הכהן

Minister, Congregation Mikveh Israel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Date of Death: Mon. September 9, 1811 - Elul 20 5571

American ḥazzan; believed to have been born in the Barbary States; died in Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 1811. Cohen lived in London, England, during the earlier years of his life. He is known to have been in Quebec, and also in New Orleans, in 1777. He was the minister of the Spanish and Portuguese synagogue, Shearith Israel, of Montreal, Canada, from 1778 to 1782. In the latter year, Cohen was elected minister of the Sephardic synagogue of New York. He lived there until 1784, when he accepted the appointment of ḥazzan of the Spanish and Portuguese congregation of Philadelphia, Pa.
Cohen married Rebekah Luria, of a family which had lost more than one of its members through the Spanish Inquisition. He left descendants in Philadelphia. After Cohen’s death his son, Abraham Hyman Cohen, acted as reader for a time.
Source: Jewish Encyclopedia

Note: Prior to the 1900’s, the Chazan or Minister of a congregation was the central rabbinic figure. Wedding sermonizes, divorces, circumcision, est. were all the function of the Chazan.

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Rabbi Yehoshua Falk

יהושע ב"ר מרדכי הכהן

The American Maggid (Preacher)

Date of Death: Wed. November 16, 1864 - Cheshvan 17 5625

A special thanks to Asher Lowy, Aaron Feder and the rest of the Moreshes Chachmei America team for the hours of research and fieldwork (close to 7 years) in a united effort to locate the kever of Rav Yehoshua Falk.

Falk Yehoshua 3

Photo Caption: The Occident, February, 1865
Falk Yehoshua 5
Photo Caption: The Star, June, 1875 – Cincinnati, Ohio

Bio Information:
Rav Falk came to the United States in 1858 and for a short time served as Rav of Newburgh and Poughkeepsie, New York. He also delivered lectures regularly at Congregation Shaaray Torah in New York City. The Rav’s safer, Avnei Yehoshua, was the first book on Pirkei Avos printed in North America.
In 1864, while visiting his daughter, he passed away in Keokuk, Iowa, where he was buried. Per his request he was reburied in the Congregation Shaaray Torah Section of the Salem Field Cemetery on the boarder of Brooklyn and Queens.

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Rabbi Yehoshua Kalmonson

יהושע ב"ר קלונימוס

Rav, Allen Street Shul (unconfirmed) , New York City

Date of Death: Sat. July 22, 1876 - Av 1 5636
Rosh Codesh

A special thanks to Antonio Jones, General Manager at Union Field Cemetery for his ongoing effort to keep the area around Rav Yehoshua Kalmanson kever safe and accessible. 

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Rabbi Yehuda Barit

יהודה ב"ר ישראל

Rav, New York City

Date of Death: Mon. February 18, 1895 - Shevat 24 5655

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Rabbi Yehuda Binyamin Middleman

יהודה בנימין ב"ר משה

Rav, 83 Bayard Street Shul

Date of Death: Thu. June 1, 1865 - Sivan 5 5625

The Rav also served at the South Baxter Street Bais Hamedrash.

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Rabbi Yeruchem Fishel Dov Zizmor

Moreh Dasrah, Mikrah Kodesh Anshei Klodoveh d. 13 Adar II, 1897 (5657) Anyone with biographical information is asked to please send it in. See CONTACT page for details. Directions to kever: Washington Cemetery 5400 Bay Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11230 (201) 943-6163 Note: Overlooking Bay Parkway and McDonald Avenue Location: Path 7 Photo Credit: Asher Lowy, […]

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Rabbi Yeruchem Tzvi Kantrowitz

ירוחם צבי ב"ר דוב

Rav, New York City

Date of Death: Wed. December 23, 1891 - Kislev 22 5652

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Rabbi Yisroel Jaffe

ישראל ב"ר ידידיו

Rav, New York City

Date of Death: Thu. November 26, 1896 - Kislev 21 5657

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Rabbi Yisroel Kassel

ישראל ב"ר אליהו

Rav, New York City

Date of Death: Mon. November 28, 1898 - Kislev 14 5659

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Rabbi Yissachar Dov Illowy

ישכר דוב ב"ר יעקב ליב

Rav, Congregation Shearith Yisroel

Date of Death: Thu. June 22, 1871 - Tammuz 3 5631

Rav Illowi was ordained by Rav Moshe Schreiber, the Chasam Sofer and was among the first Rabbanim to serve in the United States. From the time of his arrival on these shores in 1853 until his passing, the Rav spent his time fighting to influence and uphold true Torah values in North America. The Rav is famous for his halachic ruling on the kashrus of Muscovy duck.

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Rabbi Yitsckok Margolis

יצחק ב"ר אליהו

Rav, Cong B’Nai Yisreol – Pike Street Synagogue

Date of Death: Thu. August 4, 1887 - Av 13 5646

Bio Information:
Prior to arriving on theses shores, Rav Morgolis served in the town of Merkine, Lithuania and was a descendant of  Rav Yom Tov Lipmann Heller d. 1654, better known as the Tosafots Yom Tov.  Sadly, he passed away after only being in New York for 2 years.

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Rabbi Yitzchok Rosensohn

יצחק ב"ר חיים

Rav, Keidan, Lithuania

Date of Death: Wed. March 18, 1885 - Nissan 2 5645

The Rav lived on the Lower East Side.

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Rabbi Yosef Kramm

יוסף ב"ר יעקב

Rav, Ados Israel, Hartford, CT

Date of Death: Tue. August 29, 1899 - Elul 23 5659

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Rev Avroham Yisroel Keys

אברהם ישראל ב"ר

Rav, Congregation Mikveh Israel. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Date of Death: Tue. October 28, 1828 - Cheshvan 20 5589

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Rabbi Elchanon Yaakov Kantrowitz

אלחנן יעקב ב"ר דוב בער

Rav, Congregation Beth Israel Bikur Cholim of Brooklyn

Date of Death: Sun. August 6, 1893 - Av 24 5653

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Rev Meir Derkheim

מאיר ב"ר משה

Mohel, Richmond and Petersburg, VA as well as in Philadelphia

Date of Death: Sun. August 2, 1818 - Tammuz 29 5578

Myer Derkheim performed his first Brit Milah (Jewish ritual circumcision) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire when he was only 26 years old. The final circumcision at which he presided as mohel took place in 1818, the year of his death. During the 44 intervening years, Derkheim traveled the length of the newly created United States and new country in which he had settled, and he officiated at the sacred rite of initiation into the Jewish faith another 75 times; each he recorded faithfully, on these pages. His peregrinations to perform the sacred task took him from Maine to South Carolina, visiting both established Jewish communities and small outposts of Jewish life in rural America. Although Jewish tradition calls for the circumcision to be performed on the eighth day after birth, a close examination of the dates of circumcision in this register reveals that, in practice, many of the circumcisions performed by Derkheim, took place much later. The high neonatal mortality rate that prevailed in the eighteenth century meant that some circumcisions were delayed for health reasons. Derkheim’s own son Moses, whose birth and circumcision are both recorded in this register, did not undergo circumcision until he was 11 months old. The dearth of practitioners of the ancient rite and the great distances between Jewish communities meant that circumcisers rarely found their way into the hinterland and some youngsters had to wait years before the mohel came. Jacob Rader Marcus, the doyen of American Jewish history, explicitly referenced the importance of Meyer Derkheim’s circumcision register as a testament to the fidelity to their faith, exhibited by the Jews of even the most distant American towns and villages. In addition to his career as an itinerant mohel, Derkheim was one of the founders of the Jewish cemetery in Charleston S.C. in Richmond & Petersburg, VA as well as in Philadelphia.

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Rev Shabtai Sabato Morias


Rav, Congregation Mikveh Israel, Philadelphia, PA

Date of Death: Thu. November 11, 1897 - Cheshvan 17 5659

Sabato Morias
Photo Caption: Rev Shabtai Sabato Morias, Credit: English Hebraica


Bio Information:
Hazan of Mikveh Israel 1851-1897: noted for his anti-slavery sermons. Involved in the education of children and adults, he worked for the Hebrew Sunday School Society, the Hebrew Education Society and the Young Men’s Hebrew Association (YMHA). A founder and first president of the Jewish Theological Seminary and professor of Bible there. He worked in behalf of Russian immigrants, settling disagreements between workers and employers.
Adapted: from the Congregation Mikveh Israel website.

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Rev Shmuel Meir Isaacs

שמואל מאיר ב"ר

Spiritual Leader, Congregations Bnai Jeshurun and Shaaray Tefila , New York City

Date of Death: Sun. May 19, 1878 - Iyar 16 5638

Isaacs SM Pic
Credit: B’nai Jeshurun

Photo Caption: Rev Shmuel Meir Isaacs, Credit: Rabbi Mordechai Hecht, Anshe Sholom Chabad JCC

Bio Information:
Rabbi Isaac’s primary teacher was Rav Solomon Hirschell (d. 1842), Chief Rabbi of the British Empire. In 1839, with the encouragement of his Rebbe he accepted a position in New York as the spiritual leader (Moreh Dasrah, Chazan, preacher, est.) of Congregation Bnai Jeshurun. He later moved to Congregation Shaaray Tefila.  In 1859 the he tried organizing the first American national kehillah.

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Rev Yaakov Moshe Raphall

יעקב משה ב"ר רפאל

Spiritual Leader, Congregation B'nei Jeshurun , New York City

Date of Death: Tue. June 23, 1868 - Tammuz 3 5628

RMJ PIC Library of Congress
Photo Caption: Rev Morris Jacob. Raphall, c. 1860, Credit: Library of Congress

Photo Credit: Rev Morris Jacob. Raphall, Credit: American Jewish Archives


Bio Information:
Rev Moshe Yaakov (Morris Jacob) Raphall was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1798. At the age of nine his father, a banker, took him to visit the King of Sweden and then to Copenhagen , where he was educated at the Hebrew grammar-school. He later received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Erlangen (Germany). Soon after, he began publishing the Hebrew Review and Magazine of Rabbinical Literature.

In 1840, when the blood accusation was made at Damascus, he published a refutation of it in four languages (Hebrew, English, French, and German) and wrote a defense of Judaism against an anonymous writer in the London Times. The Rev also published a translation of eighteen treatises of the Mishnah; he also began a translation of the Pentateuch, of which only one volume appeared; and a text-book of the post-Biblical history of the Jews (to the year 70 C.E.).
In 1841 he was appointed Moreh Dasrah (minister) of the Birmingham Synagogue (West Midlands), United Kingdom, and the Rosh Yeshiva (head master) of the school. He continued in these capacities for eight years, and then sailed for New York where he was appointed rabbi and preacher of Congregation B’nei Jeshurun. He passed away in New York on June 23, 1868.

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Rev Yisroel (Israel Ber) Dov Kursheedt

ישראל דוב ב״ר אשר

Talmid of Rav Nosson Adler of Frankfurt am Mein

Date of Death: Fri. April 30, 1852 - Iyar 11 5612

Photo Caption: Portrait of Rev Israel Ber Kursheedt, Photo origination: onthemainline

Bio Notes:
Rev Yisroel Ber Kursheedt is the only known talmid (student) of Rav Nosson Adler the Rebbe of the Chasam Sofer to be buried in the United States. Rev Kursheedt was a contemporary of Rav Avroham Bing and Rav Wolf Heidenheim. It is reported that Rav Adler held these three students in equal esteem and was quoted to have said Avroham is a charif, Wolf is a medackdek, and Yisroel is a chochem.

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Rev Yitzchok Isaac Leeser

יצחק ב"ר אורי

Founding Editor, The Occident

Date of Death: Sat. February 1, 1868 - Shevat 8 5628

Isaac Leeser
Photo Caption: Rev Isaac Leeser of Philadelphia, Credit: Needed
Leeser Issac Cover Page
Photo Caption: Title page of Rev Isaac Leeser’s book, Credit: Institute For Judaic Culture and History

Bio Information: 
Rev Isaac Leeser founded The Occident, the first general American Jewish magazine. The Occident is one of the most important records of American Jewish life in the middle decades of the nineteenth century. Rev Lesser was the first Rabbinic authority in the United Stated to introduce a weekly sermon as part of the Shabbos morning service delivered in English. The name Lesser is derived from his grandfather, whose Hebrew name was Eliezer.

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Rabbi Yoel Alexander

יואל ב"ר יצחק אלקסנדר

Rav, First Jewish Congregation Beth Israel, Memphis, TN

Date of Death: Fri. August 10, 1866 - Av 29 5626

Alexander Joel Port
hoto Caption: Rev Yoel Alexander, Credit: Walter J. Addison and Deborah Addison Coburn

Click attached link:
Rev. Joel Alexander MemorialNew

Bio Information:
The Rav was born in Posen and studied at the Yeshiva in Munster, Germany. He was ordained by the great Rabbonim of Posen and Rav Nosson Marcus Adler (d. 1890), Chief-Rabbi of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.  Soon after arriving in New York the Rav was appointed as Hebrew Reader (equivalent of  Chief Rabbi) of the First Jewish Congregation Beth Israel in Brooklyn, NY. He later served in Memphis, TN where he was interred.

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