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Rabbi Avroham Yehuda Robinson

אברהם יהודה ב"ר מיכאל אליעזר

Rav, Knoxville, Tennessee

Date of Death: Wed. August 17, 1955 - Av 29 5715

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Rabbi Shaltiel Isaac Meisel

שאלתיאל אייזק ב"ר יצחק

Chief Rabbi, Chattanooga, TN

Date of Death: Sun. January 18, 1948 - Shevat 7 5708

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Rabbi Yitzchok Menachem Winick

יצחק מנחם ב"ר יעקב אהרן

Rav, Cong. Heska Amuna, Knoxville, Tennessee

Date of Death: Wed. June 30, 1926 - Tammuz 18 5686

The congregation which was originally Orthodox, intended name was Chaskei Emunah however due to a spelling mistake in its founding charter (1890) it has since been known as Heska Amuna.



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Rabbi Yoel Alexander

יואל ב"ר יצחק אלקסנדר

Rav, First Jewish Congregation Beth Israel, Memphis, TN

Date of Death: Fri. August 10, 1866 - Av 29 5626

Alexander Joel Port
hoto Caption: Rev Yoel Alexander, Credit: Walter J. Addison and Deborah Addison Coburn

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Rev. Joel Alexander MemorialNew

Bio Information:
The Rav was born in Posen and studied at the Yeshiva in Munster, Germany. He was ordained by the great Rabbonim of Posen and Rav Nosson Marcus Adler (d. 1890), Chief-Rabbi of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.  Soon after arriving in New York the Rav was appointed as Hebrew Reader (equivalent of  Chief Rabbi) of the First Jewish Congregation Beth Israel in Brooklyn, NY. He later served in Memphis, TN where he was interred.

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