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Delegation of Rabbonim

Washington, DC - 1925

Date of Death: Thu. November 19, 1925 -

Photo Caption: Delegation of Rabbanim to meet with President Calvin Coolidge d. 1933, Credit: N/N

Calvin Coolidge served as the 30th president of the United States from 1923 to 1929.

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Delegation of of Rabbonim

Washington, DC c.1912

Date of Death: Mon. January 1, 1912 -
Exact date is unknown

Photo Caption: Delegation of Rabbanim, to meet with President William Howard Taft c. 1912, Credit: N/N

Pictured are:
1. Unknown child
2. Rav Yitzchok Siegel, Bayonne, NJ
3. Rev Glushok, Washington, DC
4. Rav Avroham Alperstein, New York City
5. Rav Gedaliah Silverstone, Washington, DC
6. Rav Dovid Ginsburg, Wilkes-Barre, PA
7. Rav Eliezer Silver, Harrisburg, PA
8. Rav Yaakov Redelheim, New York City
9. Unknown child

William Howard Taft served as the27th president of the United States from 1909 to 1913.

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Rabbi Moshe Aaron Horwitz

משה אהרן ב"ר שמעון גדליהו

Rav, Washington, DC

Date of Death: Wed. March 27, 1935 - Adar II 22 5695

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Rabbi Moshe Reuvain Yoelson

משה ראובן ב"ר מאיר

Date of Death: Sun. December 23, 1945 - Teves 19 5706

Yoelson Moshe
Photo Caption: Rav Moshe Yoelson, Credit: Prints and Photos Division of the Library of Congress
Yoelson Moshe Pic 2
Photo Caption: Rav Moshe Yoelson, Credit: Needed
Yoelson Moshe Kook
Photo Caption: Rav Moshe Yoelson along with Rav Avroham Yitzchok Kook and Rav Gedalia Silverstone (without a hat) longtime rav of Washington DC, Credit: Moreshes Chachmei America’s Archives

Bio Information:
Rav Yoelson lived in Srednik, Lithuania prior to arriving in New York City before moving to Washington, DC. Among his 5 children Al Joelson was a famous movie star and entertainer. Another son Harry was an entertainer as well.
It should be noted that Rav Silverstone passed in 1944 on a visit to Israel and was intered on the Mount of Olives.

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Rabbi Pinchos Menachem Mendel Halpern

פנחס מנחם מענדל ב"ר

Rav, Washington, DC

Date of Death: Fri. January 30, 1863 - Shevat 10 5623

Photo Credit: Moreshes Chachmei America’s Archives

Photo Caption: Title page of  Rabbi Pinchas Halpern safer (book) against Reform movement, Credit: Moreshes Chachmei America’s Archives

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Rabbi Yaakov Aizer Dubrow

יעקב עוזר אליקום געציל

Rav, Congregation Kesher Israel, Washington D.C.

Date of Death: Fri. November 17, 1944 - Kislev 1 5705
Rosh Chodesh

Dubrow Pic 1

Dubrow Pic 4

Dubrow Pic 2
hoto Credit: Yaakov Rosenblat, Los Angeles, CA

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