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Rabbi Elazor Tzvi Gottlieb

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Rabbi Elazor Tzvi Gottlieb

אלעזר צבי ב"ר מנחם יהודה

Niamtzer Rav

Date of Death: Wed. November 27, 1996 - Kislev 16 5757

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Cemetery Details

Directions to Kever: The Kiryas Yoel Village Cemetery in upstate Monroe, NY can be hard to navigated. Asking directions prior to your visit is recommended. An updated list of interments is located on the bulletin board near the cemetery entrance. Location: Chelkas Harrabonim

Biographical Notes:

Bio Information: 
The Rav served as Dayan (judge) in Niamtz, Romania. His father-in-law Rav Chaim Mordche (Mordechai) Roller the Rav of the city. Ariving on these shores after the war, he settled in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn where he founded the Niamtzer Bais Hamedrash. The Rav was a member of the Hisachdus Harrabonim (CRC)

Credit: Moreshes Chachmei America’s Archives

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