Kevarim of Tzadikim in North America

Rabbi Moshe Avroham Derbaremdiker

משה אברהם ב"ר חיים דוב

Rav, Hrytsiv, Ukraine

Date of Death: Fri. February 22, 1924 - Adar I 22 5684

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Cemetery Details
121-83 Springfield Boulevard
Springfield Gardens , NY 11413
United States

Phone: 718-528-1700
Contact: Carl Schramm


Cemetery Map:

Notes: Cemetery gates are open Sunday – Friday 8:30AM – 4:30PM, always check their website for holiday schedule.

Directions to Kever: Old Montefiore Cemetery in Queens maintains computerized records and will provide a detailed location map upon request. Location: Gate: 131/S, Block: 87, Row: 024R, Grave: 9, Society Name: UNITED HEBREW COMMUNITY. Along Carmel Avenue near North 7th Street

Name Listed on Cemetery Database: DECKER, MORRIS

Biographical Notes:

Photo Caption: Rabbi Moshe Avroham Derbaremdiker family portrait, circa 1917, Credit: Ira Dicker

Photo Caption: Rabbi Moshe Avroham Derbaremdiker, Credit: AD

Photo Caption: The marker of Rebbe Yaakov Yosef Yehuda of Labin, d. 1848. The Rebbe was buried alongside Rebbe Chaim Tirer of Chernovitz,  (author Bei’er Mayim Chaim and Sidduro shel Shabbos) d. 1813, in a cave at the old Jewish cemetery in Tzfat. Credit: Menachem Engel, Tzfat, Israel

Photo Caption: Rav Moshe Weinberger, Aish Kodesh, Woodmere, NY at the tzion of Rebbe Levi Yitzchok of Barditchev, June 2015, Credit: Reb Dov Elias, Kew Gardens Hills, NY

Photo Caption: Rabbi Noach Isaac Oelbaum, K’hal Nachlas Yitzchok, Kew Gardens Hills, NY at the tzion of Rebbe Levi Yitzchok of Barditchev, May 2019, Credit: IFJCAH

In Tribute:

Photo Caption: Kever of Rebbitzin Sarah, granddaughter of the Ba’al HaTanya, she was married to Rebbe Meir’s son, Eliezer (see inscription above from Rabbi Avtzon’s book on the Mitteler Rebbe), Location: To the far right of the Badidichver ohel in Berdychiv, Ukraine, Credit: IFJCAH



Credit: Shmuel Amsel, Brooklyn, NY

Credit: Shmuel Amsel, Brooklyn, NY

Credit: Shmuel Amsel, Brooklyn, NY

Credit: Shmuel Amsel, Brooklyn, NY

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