Kevarim of Tzadikim in North America

The Wittenberg Matzoh Co

Chicago, Illinois

Date of Death: Thu. April 1, 1937 -

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The Wittenberg Matzoh Co located at 1326 S Jefferson Street in Chicago, was founded c.1885 by Levy Wittenberg. It operated for many years under the Eat More Matzoh brad producing thousands of pounds of Matzoh each year. Eventually, it was put out of business by the ever modernizing Manischewitz Matzoh Bakery. In the early years, the kosher for Passover operation took place on the upper floors of the bakery. However, as they expanded Matzoh production was moved around the corner to Maxwell Street.

Photo Caption: At the Maxwell Street oven plant, 1937, Credit: IFJCAH
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Photo Caption: The Wittenberg Matzoh Co c. 1919, Credit: Mildred Wittenberg Malin

Photo Caption: Hyman Wittenberg, Source: The Sentinel, 1922

Credit: MCA

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