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Rebbe Yisroel Mensohn

ישראל ב"ר חיים דוד

Broder Rebbe

Date of Death: Fri. July 26, 1957 - Tammuz 27 5717

Photo Caption: Rebbe Yisroel  Mensohn, Credit: MCA

Photo Caption: The Rebbe’s father, Rebbe Chaim Dovid, Credit: MCA

Photo Caption: At a wedding, the Rebbe is sitting to the left of the Chosson, Credit: MCA

Photo Caption: Portrait and sketch attributed to the holy Rebbe of Ruzhin, Rebbe Yisroel  Freidman, Source: Halperin Collection, AMI Magazine   

Bio Information:  
The Rebbe’s grandfather was the son-in-law of Rebbe Yisroel, the holy Rebbe of Ruzhin.

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Rebbe Shalom Zuckerman

שלום בן שלמה זלמינא

Rashkover Rebbe

Date of Death: Mon. May 19, 1930 - Iyar 21 5690

Photo Caption: Rashkover Rebbe, Credit: Courtesy of David Zuckerman and Leta Miller

Twersky 42 Baruch Dovid klinkovitz
Photo Caption: Rebbe Shalom Zuckerman’s brother-in-law Rebbe Baruch Dovid of Klinkovitz d. 1925. The Klinkovitzer Rebbe was buried in Vienna not far from Rebbe Yisroel of Chortkov, a large ohel marks his grave. Rebbe Baruch Dovid married the Rashkover Rebbe’s sister Chaya Sara. Credit: Yitz Twersky, KGH
Twersky Dovid Mordechai Tolna 1
Photo Caption: Rebbe Shalom Zuckerman’s brother-in-law Rebbe Mordechai Twersky of Tolna. The Tolna Rebbe married the Rashkover Rebbe’s half-sister Chava Tziral. Credit: Yitz Twesky, Kew Gardens Hills

Bio Information: 
Rebbe Shabbtai, the first Rashkover Rebbe, was the author of the “Reb Shabbtai Siddor“. The Siddor (prayer book) was the first Nusach Ari siddor ever printed.

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Rebbe Yitzchok Friedman

יצחק ב"ר ישראל

Sadigerer Rimanov Rebbe

Date of Death: Mon. December 8, 1924 - Kislev 11 5685

Freidman Rimnover Rebbe
Rebbe Y Friedman
Photo Caption: Rebbe Yitzchok Friedman, Sadigerer Rimanov Rebbe

Credit: MAC
Friedman Dovid Moshe Chortkov
Photo Caption: Rebbe Dovid Moshe of Chortkiv, d. 1903, great uncle of Rebbe Yitzchok Friedman, Credit: Astrid

Photo Caption: Kever of  Der Heiliger Ruzhiner along with his son Rebbe Avrohom Yaakov of Sadigura (d. 1883) and his grandson Rebbe Yisroel of Sadigura (d. 1906). Also, are the final resting places of Rebbe Dov Ber of Lieov (d. 1876) and Rebbe Aaron of Sadigura (d. 1912). Rebbe Aaron (Sadigerer Rimanov Rebbe’s brother) was the grandfather of Sadigura Rebbe who passed away in 2013. Also, Rebbe Shlomo of Sadigura, the Rebbe’s uncle. Credit: יעקב יצחק ברייער

Photo Caption: Kever of Rebbe Sholom Yosef of Sadigura (d. 1851) in Leipzig Germany.  Rebbe Shalom Yosef was the oldest of the Ruzhiner’s children, but suddenly passed away a year after his father. His son, Rabbi Yitzchok, became the first Bohusher Rebbe, Credit: MCA


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