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Holocaust - Shoah Kedoshim, Chelmno Extermination Camp - Chełmno nad Nerem, Poland

קבר הקדושים ממחנת ההשמדה חלמנה-במאנסי

Date of Death: Wed. January 17, 1945 - Nissan 3 5705

At the very minimum, 152,000 people were murdered at Chelmno, HY”D, which would make it the fifth most deadly extermination camp, after Sobibor, Belzec, Treblinka, and Auschwitz. The Red Army captured the town of Chełmno on January 17, 1945. By then, the Germans Y”S had already destroyed evidence of the camp’s existence, leaving no prisoners behind. One of the camp survivors, who was fifteen years old at the time, testified that only three Jewish males had escaped successfully.
How the remains arrived in Monsey, New York is unclear. Recently a new marker was erected in honor of those buried there.

Photo Caption: What remained of the Chelmno Extermination Camp, Credit: N/N

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Warsaw Ghetto Matzah Bakery

Warsaw, Poland

Date of Death: Fri. November 15, 1940 -

Photo Caption: Matzah Retailer in the Warsaw Ghetto, Credit: MCA

Note: Please help us identify the location and setting of this picture. In addition, regarding the identification of the shop’s proprietor. 

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Rabbi Yisroel Teplitz

ישראל ב"ר יהודה ליב הלוי

Rav, Adas Israel Congregation, Duluth, Minnesota

Date of Death: Sat. April 5, 1924 - Nissan 1 5684
Rosh Chodesh

Teplitz Yisroel Deluth New
Photo Caption: Group photo at Adas Israel Congregation, Duluth, Minnesota, Credit: Needed

Credit: MCA

Credit: MCA

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Are You Traveling To Eastern Europe?

קברי צדיקים במזרח אירופה

Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania est.

Date of Death: Sun. October 27, 2019 -

We are trying to put together a similar website for Eastern Europe so if you’re planning the trip kindly take pictures wherever you go and send them in. Keep in mind when taking a picture of a tombstone to try and get the full text as well as some surroundings for balance. Also remember to include the location.
Thank you,
Baruch A.


Mailing Address:
Institute For Judaic Culture and History
PO Box: 660129
Fresh Meadows, NY 11366



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Holocaust - Shoah Kedoshim, Hannover-Ahlem Concentration Camp - Hanover, Germany

קבר הקדושים ממחנת ההשמדה הנובר גרמניה

Ash remains of 334 Kedoshim

Date of Death: Sat. March 17, 1945 - Nissan 3 5705

The ash remains of 344 Kedoshim who perished at Hannover-Ahlem  Concentration Camp were relocated to the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia.  The ashes were brought here by  Yechezkel Szcerkowski, whose son Shmuel HY”D was murdered on March 17, 1945 (3 Nisson, 5705). The infamous camp was located 5 miles west of Hannover, Germany and was liberated by the 84th Infantry Division on April 10, 1945. Among those who liberated the camp was Henry Kissinger and Vernon Tott dubbed “the Angel of Ahlem”.

Photo Caption: Survivors of the Hannover Ahlem Concentration Camp, Credit: The Documentary Institute

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