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Rabbi Dov Ber Drachman

December 25th, 2007 · 9 Comments

Rabbi Dov Ber Drachman

דוב בער ב"ר בנימין

Rav, Congregation Zichron Ephraim, New York City

Date of Death: Mon. March 12, 1945 - Adar 28 5705

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Cemetery Details
59-63 54th Avenue
Maspeth, NY 11378
United States

Phone: 718-335-2500


Cemetery Map:

Notes: The cemetery is quite large and can be difficult to navigate, a detailed map from the office can be extremely helpful. Check cemetery website for office and gate hours. A $20 deposit is required for a Mausoleum key.

Directions to Kever: Mount Zion Cemetery on the Queens / Brooklyn border maintains computerized records and will provide a detailed location map upon request, Location: Society: EPHRAIM, Path: 6R, Gate: ROAD, along the Right Section main road on the left side, family plot

Name Listed on Cemetery Database: DRACHMAN, BERNARD

Biographical Notes:

Drachman Bernard Pic
Photo Caption: Rabbi Dr. Dov Ber Bernard Drachman, Credit: Needed
Drachman Bernard Pic 2
Photo Caption: Rabbi Dr. Dov Ber Bernard Drachman, Credit: Needed
Adler Hermann Cheif Rabbi of England
Photo Caption: Rabbi Naftali Hermann Adler, Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, d.1911, Credit: Needed

Hertz Herman England
Photo Caption: Rabbi Yosef Herman Hertz, , Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, d.1946, Credit: Needed

Photo Caption: Rabbi Bernard Drachman’s autobiography, Credit: IFJCAH

Photo Caption: Distinguished Jews Of America, J. Pfeffer, Credit: IFJCAH

Photo Credit: Orthodox Judaism in America, Sherman


Bio Information:
Rav Bernard Drachman was the first American born Rabbi to lead a congregation in New York City. Rav Drachman was a strong supporter of Chief Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Joseph. In 1911 after the passing of Chief Rabbi Herman Adler (British Empire), Rav Drachman was among a select group of rabbanim who were invited to audition for the Chief Rabbi position. In the end it was given to Rabbi Dr. Joseph Herman Hertz who held the post until his passing in 1946.

Credit: Asher Lowy, Brooklyn, NY

Credit: Map to the kever of Rabbi Dr. Dov Ber Bernard Drachman

Credit: Asher Lowy, Brooklyn, NY

Credit: Asher Lowy, Brooklyn, NY

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