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Rebbe Avroham Yehoshua Herschel Hager

Kossover Rebbe d. 27 Nissan, 1999 Anyone with information is asked to please send it in. See CONTACT page for details. Directions to kever: Vizhnitzer Monsey Cemetery RT. 306 (at the intersection of Brick Church Rd) Spring Valley, NY 10977 (To the right side of the Vizhnitzer ohel)

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Rebbe Menachem Dovid Chodorov

מנחם דוד ב"ר מרדכי

Tolna Vizhnitz Rebbe of New York

Date of Death: Thu. February 28, 1980 - Adar 11 5740

Rav Mendel Chodarov I
Photo Credit: Dos Yiddish Vort
chodorov mendel
Photo Caption: Rebbe Menachem Dovid Chodorov, Credit: Yitz Twersky
Chodorov Son at Wedding

Photo Caption: (LR) Aliker Rebbe, Rebbe Mendele Chodorov (standing), Rebbe Mordechai Shlomo Friedman, Boyaner Rebbe d. 1971, Rebbe Avrahom Yehoshua Heshel, Kopyczynce Rebbe d.1967 at the Khotiner Rav wedding, Credit: Yitz Twersky

Credit: Moreshes Chachmei America 

Bio Information:
The Rebbe’s grandfather was of Rebbe Baruch of Vizhnitz the Imrei Baruch (d. 1892).

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Rebbe Mordechai Chodorov

מרדכי ב"ר חיים יהודה מאיר

Tolna Vizhnitz Rebbe

Date of Death: Thu. October 7, 1937 - Cheshvan 2 5698

Chodorov Father
Photo Caption: Rebbe Mordechai Chodorov, Credit: Yitz Twersky
vishiver and chodorov pic
Photo Caption: Rebbe Mordechai Chodrov (glasses), Rebbe Menachem Mendel Hager of Visheve (d. 1941), and Rebbe Menachem Chodrov (standing)

Chodorov and Vishiva Seated
Photo Caption: (R-L) Rebbe Menachem Mendel Hager of Visheve (d. 1941), Rebbe Mordechai Chodorov, and Rebbe Mendele Chodorov

Bio Information:
The Rebbe’s grandfather, Rebbe Dovid of Tolna (d. 1878), was the son of the Chernobyler Maggid, Rebbe Mordechai Twerski (d. 1837).

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Rebbe Yechiel Baruch Hager

יחיאל ברוך ב"ר משה צבי

Sovraner Rebbe

Date of Death: Fri. May 2, 1930 - Iyar 4 5690

Hager YB Pic
Photo Caption Rebbe Yechiel Baruch Hager, Photo Credit: Norm Galston

Hager YB 5
Photo Credit: ivelt

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Rebbe Yisroel Hager

ישראל ב"ר משה

Radawitzer Rebbe of New York City

Date of Death: Wed. October 14, 1942 - Cheshvan 3 5703

Rebbe Yisroel Hager III
Photo Caption: Rebbe Yisroel Hager, Radawitzer Rebbe
Radavitzer Rebbe2
Photo Credit: The Jewish Morning Journal, May, 1922
Radavitzer Rebbe
Photo Credit: The Jewish Morning Journal, August, 1922

Radavitzer Rebbe3

Photo Caption: The Jewish Morning Journal, December, 1921
Hager Y AD
Photo Caption: The Radawitzer Rebbe, Rebbe Yisroel Hager offering his condolences to Rav Moshe Zevulun Margolies upon the death of his son. 

Bio Information:
The Rebbe Yisroel Hager Radawitzer Rebbe came to the United States in 1912.

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